15 one-sentence reasons to vote ‘Yes’

Mandi Jo Hanneke and Nick Grabbe
  • The Town Council will be better able to deliberate on issues, get public comment, and seek out additional information than Town Meeting can.
  • The Town Council will know what residents want because campaigns on the issues will measure support for the positions candidates take.
  • Councilors will be informed about issues; Town Meeting has admitted that members haven’t understood issues before voting on them.
  • Councilors will know that their votes represent Amherst’s residents, not just themselves.
  • Residents won’t have to be a part of the legislative body to have a meaningful voice in the decisions that affect them.
  • The Town Council will be able to connect proposals to the Big Picture.
  • With 10 of the 13 councilors representing neighborhoods, local concerns will get lots of consideration, and residents will become constituents.
  • Election campaigns covered by the press, in which issues are discussed and known, will give voters information about multiple candidates for Town Council before going to the polls.
  • A Town Council will know the scope of its vote and not go beyond that scope into matters within the purview of other elected bodies.
  • There is real grass-roots support for this change, with small donations from over 300 of your fellow residents.
  • Amherst’s town-wide, truly representative elected officials overwhelmingly support the charter, including all five Select Board members, former State Rep. Ellen Story, former U.S. Rep. John Olver and a majority of the School Committee.
  • Residents will not be treated as an afterthought by the legislative body.
  • Residents will know who to talk to when they have questions, problems, or suggestions for improvements.
  • Amherst can join the 38 out of 45 Massachusetts communities with 35,000+ population that have councils instead of Town Meetings.
  • The Council/Manager structure has been proven successful and is in use in the majority of municipalities in the U.S. with more than 2,500 residents.

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